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Wildflower Bog Collection


Our choice of 5 British wildflower plants — is perfect for a pond edge or constantly damp soil in your garden.


Perfect for pollinators and beautiful to boot, our selection of wildflowers are all sent from 9cm pots, meaning they are established plants with a much greater chance of success than plug plants.


We will send you a surprise selection of 5 plants for around 10% less than purchasing separately. If planting in a pond, most will do better if the soil level is just above the water level. 


The pictures in this listing are examples of the available plant at maturity and do not indicate anything in regard to the size of the plant at the point of sale.


Organically-produced young plant, grown in a 9cm pot for planting immediately or to grow on (pot removed when possible, to reduce plastic waste).



Native Wildflower Bog Collection 5 x s our choice of plants for ponds + edges

SKU: BP202400993
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