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Use in place or Orlaya grandiflora (laceflower) depicted at present


Torilis japonica - Upright Hedge Parsley is a branching annual or biennial with jaggedly divided leaves present through winter and white flowers ,occasionally with a hint of pink, in flattish umbels, giving a lacy effect. Floriferous, long-flowering and attractive to insects. Grow in a sunny or shady position in well-drained or poor soil. No pruning.


  • but deadhead or cut down flowers when finished if you don't want seeding. We have grown these as a follow on native umbellifer after the cow parsley has gone over.It is as pretty as its earlier relative ,usually smaller and daintier - only around 50 cms if growing in grass a little taller in a bed unless Chelsea chopped and opening in July and August. Could be invaluable for producing the airy light effect desired in flowery meadow plantings and likely to be more self sustaining in this role than the well known Orlaya grandiflora and Ammi majus which don,t self seed with us.


Foliage: Deciduous

Height: 45-75cm in 2-5 years

Spread: 20-30cm


The pictures in this listing are examples of the available plant at maturity and do not indicate anything in regards to size of plant at the point of sale.


Organically-produced young plant, grown in a 9cm pot for planting immediately or to grow on (pot removed when possible, to reduce plastic waste).

Torilis japonica , use like Orlaya, white umbels in late summer

SKU: BP202400933
  • Orlaya
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