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Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea 'Karl Forster' is a tallish form with arching heads of flowers in midsummer to 1.8m. Super golden autumn/winter stem and foliage colour. Good soil in sun.

Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinacea 'Karl Foerster' has certainly proved to be a strong, tough and vigorous form.  It quickly makes substantial clumps of rich green foliage up to c. 75cm (2'6") tall and across before sending out tall, arching flower stems to about 1.2m-2m, a new planting will reach these sizes by year two or three in a decent soil.Any plant selected by grass breeder Karl Foerster is likely to be exceptional. 

.  The flowers start a light green in June-July when they emerge but are at their showiest in the autumn and early winter when they have turned a delicate strawy gold.  The foliage will turn a slightly richer golden orange in autumn.


Foliage: Deciduous 

Height: 2 metres

Spread: 60cm

The pictures in this listing are examples of the available plant at maturity and do not indicate anything in regards to size of plant at the point of sale

Organically produced young plant grown in a 9cm pot for planting immediately or to grow on (pot removed when possible, to reduce plastic waste)

Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea 'Karl Forster'

SKU: BP202400610
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