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Iris pseudacorus 'Variegata' , is best grown in wet, deep, humus-rich soil in full sun or partial shade even under water at the margins of ponds and streams but thriving also in ordinary, even quite dry soil.

Remove any dying foliage; most leaves remain in fine lush condition until autumn. Old flower stems can be cut down after flowering.One of the most striking plants of the spring and early summer; later the leaves become plain green.

Foliage: Deciduous

Height: 60-90cm in 2-5 years

Spread: 20-50cm

The pictures in this listing are examples of the available plant at maturity and do not indicate anything in regards to size of plant at the point of sale

Organically produced young plant grown in a 9cm pot for planting immediately or to grow on (pot removed when possible, to reduce plastic waste)

Iris pseudacorus 'Variegata' , yellow flag dramatic spring variegation

SKU: BP202400500
  • Iris
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