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When stocks of H. atrorubens are of inadequate size we will send H.Annie which is of similar but slightly tidier habit and perhaps a fraction more lemony shade of yellow. Supplied in spring (later as an established plant) as usually a single growth point root.Set this with the bud just below the soil surface;it has the capacity to grow nearly as fast as the more familiar annual sunflower.If the top is nipped off when the plant reaches a foot or so tall it will normally branch into more stems making a good show in the first year.A vigorous grower so likely to need curbing after a few seasons. 
Common Names: Purple disc sunflower, Dark-eye Sunflower.


Helianthus atrorubens is a herbaceous perennial sunflower with a bushy upright shape. Tall and imposing it is native to North America and the leaves are medium green, ovate to lanceolate and have a serrated margin with medium-sized, yellow flowers with a brown-purple center. Flowers July to September at height but flowering height can be reduced if stems cut  back earlier in the season (a Chelsea chop).
Best grown in well drained soil in sun but will survive almost anywhere.
Foliage: deciduous
Height: 80- 180 cm in 2 to 5 years
Spread: 60 - 100 cm
Planting Location:Flower borders and beds, naturalistic gardens, cottage gardens
grown in a 9 cm pot but supplied without the plastic pot to avoid environmental waste (we reuse)

Helianthus atrorubens or 'Anne' Purpledisc Perennial Sunflower

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  • Helianthus
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