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G. macrorrhizum is a mat-forming, semi-evergreen perennial growing to 35cm tall. Its rounded, divided, lobed and toothed leaves are aromatic and some leaves can turn attractive fire red shades in the autumn. In early summer, magenta-pink flowers, up to 2cm across, are held above the foliage on more or less upright stems.Note that in contrast to most other cranesbills if you cut this species or its hybrids to the ground you will lose a season's flowers as these are produced on year old stems.

Useful as it is one of the few plants that can tolerate dry shade. Will grow in any, moderately fertile soil unless waterlogged. Full sun or any type of shade.


Grown in 9 cm pots but supplied without the plastic pot to avoid environmental waste (we reuse)

Geranium macrorrhizum Cranesbill ,best weedproof groundcover.

SKU: BP202400390
  • Geranium
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